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    DevCore - the developer friendly Content Management System

    DevCore - The CMS that let's you, the developer, build and deploy websites and web applications with ease.

    Rapid development has never been easier.

  • Ready to Roll

    The New Zealand Transport Agency

    The New Zealand Transport Agency was formed from two large government departments. DevCore was used to bring together the content from the different websites into a single entity.
    This was a very large and complex build.

  • Ready to Roll


    Marselme is a boutique e-commerce site that sells high quality merino wool clothes for babies and children. This was an interesting site to build. The design parameters changed half way through the process and there were issues with designers... it would have been enough to drive a developer insane.

  • Ready to Roll

    Cherrytree - The club for smart shoppers - members site

    Cherrytree is a shopping club that buys goods at wholesale prices and then passes those goods to its members.

    This was a massive project in the end, with prices and avalaiblity updated automatically and integration with their back-end accounting systems giving them an end-to-end system.

  • Ready to Roll

    BGI Developments

    BGI Developments is a start-up that is going places really fast. They needed a website yesterday.

    That's where DevCore really came into its own. The hosting arrangement was non-standard. Effectively we had to run a newer version of DevCore inside an older version in order to deploy their new site without affecting an existing site.
    This saved time and money on setting up a completely new site.

  • Ready to Roll

    Domett Trailers

    Domett Trailers manufactures truck trailers. They need a new site to cope with the increasing demand for their products, and to showcase all the different types of trailers they can build.

    The trailer galleries were all built from scratch, as was the trailer database where clients can log in to get all the information about their trailers - right down to the component parts used!

  • Ready to Roll


    The RightCar website is one of the sites under the NZTA mantle. It is useful for checking out the safety and fuel efficiency of cars and other interesting facts like emmissions etc.

    This was a slightly different build for DevCore. most of the dynamic content is served up via web services, instead of being pulled from a database.

  • Ready to Roll

    Cherrytree - The club for smart shoppers - public site

    Following on from the success of the members only website, the people at Cherrytree wanted to update their public website. So using the existing DevCore codebase we simply added a few new folders, a few new classes, and the site was good to go.

  • Ready to Roll

    Rightcar Mobile Plate Search

    This subsite is an addition to the successful RightCar site.

    It is tailored to mobile users who are looking for a new car.

    They can enter the licence plate of a vehicle and see all the relevant safety information for that particular model of car.

Our Unofficial History

Go to Our Unofficial History and check out the stories.

This is a history website with a difference. This is where you can put up all your old stories of past glories and miss-deeds on video. The site is building up an anecdotal history of the country and its people that will enable you to get to know your neighbours, friends and family as well as people you've never met.

This was a fun site to build and it's great to see the stories that people have to tell.

So check it out, and maybe send in some stories of your own.